Privacy policy

Cookies does not at this time collect store or use tracking and analytical information about visitors who interact with the website in any form.

Prior to the 13th of November 2017 this website used Google Analytics to collect anonymous information about all users visiting the website. This information has since been permanenlty deleted with no copies or traces in existence.

Service Workers

If you are using a recently installed or updated web browser then you may find that this website will install a feature known as a ServiceWorker in your web browser.

This is a script that your browser runs in the background to enhance the experience of using the website whether on or of offline. ServiceWorkers are not in any way used as a tool for user tracking or data collection for the purposes of this website. You may however be subject to other forms of tracking linked to the browser vendor that you use who may decide to collect their own data on ServiceWorker usage.

Please refer to your browser support information to find out more on how this works along with options to remove, modify or disable it.

User comments and webmentions

If you have posted a direct response or interaction to any article or post I have published then this may be stored on my website. This can be in the form of a webmention, RSVP, like, reply or repost on platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Swarm, Instagram or your own data sharing/publication tools. You can explicitly request to have your interaction with this website corrected, blocked or removed by using one of the communication options listed on the enquire page.

Further information

Should you have any privacy queries or concerns you would like addressing when visiting this website then please contact me using one of the communication options listed on the enquire page.