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PWA: talking UX
UX Camp Brighton / 25 March 2017

What are PWAs?

“Progressive Web Apps are experiences that combine the best of the web and the best of apps”

the progressive definition

provide an experience everyone can use

..extra presentation and functionality layered on

What a PWA isn't..

  • Separate from websites
  • Device/OS specific
  • Undiscoverable on the web
  • Data/storage use heavy
  • A replacement/substitute for native apps
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What a PWA probably is..

  • Responsive
  • Connectivity over unreliable networks/offline
  • App-style interactions
  • Always up-to-date (versionless)
  • Safe (from secure origin)
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Other considerations

  • Discoverable
  • Re-engageable
  • Installable
  • Linkable


Session discussion

Applying the methods and ingredients of PWAs:
What parts of the UX can we improve?

  1. 1 Think of an existing website that could be improved
  2. 2 Where might one or more features of a PWA improve UX?
  3. 3 Write down some user stories/visualise
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