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June 8th, 2018

Young at heart my Nexus 5 now in its fifth year lives on. Not much capacity for today's CPU and storage hungry Android apps but enough for PWAs to fill their place.


What’s this?
  1. Author of reply: Calum Ryan Calum Ryan
    It's a pre-JAMStack term setup, using a somewhat unconventional mix of a Jekyll build I setup originally for my blog and layered on top of that is a LAMP setup for the content I syndicate out to Twitter using along with support for Webmentions and Micropub
  2. Author of reply: Al Power Al Power
    Aha - I did wonder how you got Jekyll working ;)
  3. Author of reply: Al Power Al Power
    Saw you cross post to your site - v interested as to what your site setup is - JAMStack? Got any further into?