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06 July 2023 09:07 BST

So Threads... just another inaccessible social media platform built by people who think accessibility is just another low priority feature request in the backlog 😥 #a11y

30 June 2023 03:06 BST

📢 Looking forward to starting a new role with dxw next week working alongside GDS focusing on design and accessibility. Saying goodbye to ten years working in WordPress and PHP

17 May 2023 04:05 BST

350m people, the same polulation size of the USA, are colour blind globally. Yet everywhere almost everyday I observe dozens of examples of poor contrast in both digital and printed media #GAAD

17 March 2023 02:03 GMT

Ironic accessibility issue spotted on @W3C /’s site, horizontal scrolling overflow on the very webpage that’s describing the success criterion!

Screenshot of Reflow description page highlighting horizontal overflow

13 February 2023 04:02 GMT

The level of stress and anxiety I'm currently going through for trying to sell and buy a home in the UK is the main reason why I've been putting a move for so long #BrokenBritain

12 November 2022 08:11 GMT

Every unusually warm day this winter should be a reminder to us all that climate change is happening, and we've precious little time to stave off irreversible catastrophic damage to this little planet we all call home

09 August 2022 10:08 BST

The initial response from telling some people I've met for the first time that my job's in accessibility …oh, what's that about? …is that to do with having ramps outside buildings? 🤦🏻‍♂️