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12 October 2021 03:10 BST

Pondering whether @slackhq should have an option to disable emoji reactions on specific channels, such as a work sickness channel where some employees receive more reactions than others after posting their absence 🤔

17 August 2021 12:08 BST

🎾 Played tennis for the first time in almost twenty years.
Satisfied, I managed to hit the ball with the racket more than once!
Admittedly, one of the shots left the court and almost took out an ice cream van's window

04 July 2021 08:07 BST

Where once @EurostarUK whisked us away from the middle of Kent to grand European cities, green foliage now encroaches upon empty platforms at Ashford International station, in doubt whether they'll ever be used again

Ashford International station with green foliage growing alongside the platform edge

12 May 2021 09:05 BST

Social anxiety is often misinterpreted as someone being shy, rude or socially awkward. It takes on many forms of permanent, situational or temporary disability which we all experience through life. For me, it's permanent. #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek

07 May 2021 08:05 BST

Post-lockdown 2021 has introduced a lot more bad drivers on the roads it seems. Almost every single cycle ride this past few months I've experienced dangerous overtaking and aggressive driving by motorists on a scale never seen before!