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29 November 2023 12:11 GMT

First time living in a 2008-built property with electric central heating where the control panel seems to have been designed purely by an engineer minus any UX designer 😵‍💫

An electronic heating timer controller with dial and digital display

30 October 2023 05:10 GMT

Final leg of the journey Brussels to London. The usual experience of everyone queueing at once to board, so waited in the lounge until last few minutes to departure. #TrainsNotPlanes

platform view of Eurostar in the evening at Brussels South chicken roulade dish, white wine, bread, water bottle and tart on a blue tray

25 October 2023 06:10 BST

Exploring UNESCO World Heritage Site, Bamberg, one of the few German cities spared aerial bombardment and total destruction in WW2

River view with bridge, clock tower and painted building beside Bright coloured orthodox-style church with tower in foreground and trees beside Market square view with statue in the centre and red flowers in foreground Panoramic view over orange tiled roofs in Bamberg

06 July 2023 09:07 BST

So Threads... just another inaccessible social media platform built by people who think accessibility is just another low priority feature request in the backlog 😥 #a11y

30 June 2023 03:06 BST

📢 Looking forward to starting a new role with dxw next week working alongside GDS focusing on design and accessibility. Saying goodbye to ten years working in WordPress and PHP

17 May 2023 04:05 BST

350m people, the same polulation size of the USA, are colour blind globally. Yet everywhere almost everyday I observe dozens of examples of poor contrast in both digital and printed media #GAAD