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12 November 2022 08:11 GMT

Every unusually warm day this winter should be a reminder to us all that climate change is happening, and we've precious little time to stave off irreversible catastrophic damage to this little planet we all call home

09 August 2022 10:08 BST

The initial response from telling some people I've met for the first time that my job's in accessibility …oh, what's that about? …is that to do with having ramps outside buildings? 🤦🏻‍♂️

01 July 2022 05:07 BST

Speaking to familiar and new faces @dxw today on disability, the Accessibility Champions Network, and our approach to accessibility to help make sure that everyone can access the digital services we create #A11y

Presentation slide with text We all experience disability. Inclusive Design illustration of different disability types. Corner video view Calum presenting

14 June 2022 11:06 BST

Here in London, what happened five years ago today was for me the most haunting, horrifying disaster seen in living memory. The cruellest kind of criminality, which left 72 dead and many more lives affected forever. Never forget 💚 #Grenfell

04 May 2022 02:05 BST

Website devs and makers: how long do you spend accessibility testing and fixing issues for each web project? Plus: what tests do you run?