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30 March 2022 12:03 BST

Today marks two years since I joined @dxw and just over three years since starting @helpfuldigital working with incredible colleagues and clients in the public and third sectors, creating accessible public services that improve lives 🎉

29 March 2022 11:03 BST

Grabbed some last minute re-released Tim Key tickets and only the front row left. I was consequently a participant in his material as the loner in lockdown 🤦‍♂️

Soho theatre stage with door and fridge under purple lighting

17 March 2022 11:03 GMT

It's St. Patrick’s Day and since I haven't made it to the Emerald Isle for more than a couple of years, here's a slightly younger me at the Lecale Peninsular from 28 years ago ☘️

Calum beside the Lecale Peninsular with half a rainbow in the backdrop

03 March 2022 10:03 GMT

Feeling pretty helpless and low these days with a needless war once again in Europe needlessly destroying lives, livelihoods, and futures for so many.
Donating some of my salary each month to Ukrainian charities for what little help it may do. 🇺🇦😔

07 January 2022 10:01 GMT

Happy New Year folks! Still we struggle to live our lives in semi-normality through this World war at constant battle against the virus. Here's hoping for happier and better times in the year ahead.

Calum headshot with backdrop of Tonbridge School rugby pitch on frosty day

13 December 2021 12:12 GMT proving its high level of technical resilience and UX when pushed to the absolute extremes of surge demand. Top work by @OfficeOfWilson and team, still making it possible to book my booster within hours of availability 💉

26 November 2021 09:11 GMT

Back after a long awaited, much needed trip abroad to remind me why the EU is such a great place to visit and live in, exploring the spectacular Rhineland following #btconf Düsseldorf 🇩🇪🇪🇺

Christmas market in Düsseldorf Calum profile shot with backdrop of Rhine river and hills in Bonn with clear blue sky Night shot of Düsseldorf river and Christmas arc of lights with star Night time London St Pancras terminal shot with two trains and station clock

09 November 2021 07:11 GMT

All too soon #btconf DUS 2021 is over! Thankful to @marcthiele and everyone who helped organise in the midst of uncertainty, stress and challenges from a global pandemic. Had doubts I’d be able to attend, so grateful I could!