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13 April 2020 08:04 BST

Not commuted into London in over a month. Struggling like everyone else to come to terms with how life may never be the same but grateful to have the freedom to still explore this beautiful countryside on my doorstep

Calum in a tree lined path in the North Tonbridge countryside

01 April 2020 11:04 BST

Sad day: starting the lengthy process for Eurostar travel vouchers for a hopeful postponed @btconf Düsseldorf sometime in the next 11 months 😢

21 March 2020 07:03 GMT

Just myself so far on @Nextdoor's Help map in north Tonbridge. Available to help for those in self-isolation, genuinely in need of essential groceries delivering

20 March 2020 11:03 GMT

1 week in: Social distancing. Slight anxiety. With the exception of video calls haven't spoken to a single person face-to-face since. Good spirits mostly. Thankful I can WFH. Many can't WFH, may loose their job, their business, their livelihood.

16 March 2020 11:03 GMT

Thankful to everyone who participated @IndieWebCamp London online this past weekend. Met a friendly, diverse range of folks, discussed, learnt, made stuff for our websites. No different to any other IWC except we all did it from of our own homes