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01 July 2020 08:07 BST

Fun evening at Homebrew Website Club Europe/London online discussing personal websites with @ohhelloana @t and @w3bk3rn3l

Participants at Homebrew Website Club Europe/London

01 June 2020 01:06 BST

🎂 Sun, cycling and café latte by the Medway. A simple but satisfactory way to celebrate my first social distanced birthday

River Medway at Tonbridge and café latte

07 May 2020 04:05 BST

Lockdown far from over completely yet my daily excercise of road cycling has gradually returned to a more stressful, polluted experience as the lesser spotted private car returns to dominate the roads in great abundance, supposedly essential?

29 April 2020 08:04 BST

Business as usual discussing and tinkering on personal websites at our weekly Homebrew Website Club Europe/London meetup this evening

Left to right webcam shots of Lewis Cowles, Jan Sauer, Çağrı Özkan, Ana Rodrigues, Calum Ryan

13 April 2020 08:04 BST

Not commuted into London in over a month. Struggling like everyone else to come to terms with how life may never be the same but grateful to have the freedom to still explore this beautiful countryside on my doorstep

Calum in a tree lined path in the North Tonbridge countryside