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01 February 2021 08:02 GMT

Struggling on clinging to hope in these short, bleak, damp winter days, making the most of our few freedoms to briefly sample the nearby countryside once a day. Things may never be the same as before but better times will come

Calum standing in muddy field near Tonbridge

23 December 2020 05:12 GMT

This afternoon's Covid-19 Christmas holiday activities included reinstating the display of current weather conditions where I am on short-form posts

07 December 2020 12:12 GMT

No doubting Apple puts a lot of effort into building accessible products but sadly for its website there's a few too many easy-fix accessibility WCAG conformance issues for me to consider showcasing on A11Y Websites #a11y #accessibility

20 November 2020 09:11 GMT

Using Firefox as the default browser in 2020 it's glaringly obvious to see how few developers/designers use or test websites in anything other than Chrome and other WebKit-based browsers (Sad face)

30 October 2020 05:10 GMT

Berlin's Brandenburg Airport finally opens tomorrow. If only Iā€™d a conference like Accessibility Club, Beyond Tellerrand or IndieWebCamp happening to go there for šŸ¤” ..happier times