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June 1st, 2020

🎂 Sun, cycling and café latte by the Medway. A simple but satisfactory way to celebrate my first social distanced birthday

River Medway at Tonbridge and café latte


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  1. Author of reply: Katie Humphries Katie Humphries
    Happy birthday!!
  2. Author of reply: Matthias Ott Matthias Ott
    Happy birthday Calum! 🥳🙌🎉
  3. Author of reply: Kate Rawlins Kate Rawlins
    Happy birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day!
  4. Author of reply: Ana Rodrigues Ana Rodrigues
    Happy birthday Calum! 🥳
  5. Author of reply: Julie Julie
    Happy birthday Calum 🎂
  6. Author of reply: Orangetronic Orangetronic
    happy birthday dude. that latte looks delicious
  7. Author of reply: Gregg Jaskiewicz Gregg Jaskiewicz
    Happy birthday Calum!
  8. Author of reply: Paulo Pinto Paulo Pinto
    Happy Birthday!
  9. Author of reply: James Shakespeare James Shakespeare
    happy birthday mate!