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April 28th, 2022

Website devs and makers: how long do you spend cross-browser testing and fixing issues versus ten years ago?


What’s this?
  1. Author of reply: Eric Eggert Eric Eggert

    @calumryan Almost no time. I develop Safari first and don't use any sophisticated JavaScript, so I almost never run into issues. And if I do, a @support query usually helps me out really quickly.

  2. Author of reply: i am schulz i am schulz

    @calumryan next to none really. I check in apples Browsers from time to time manually, because those tend to be a bit exotic. Most issues are solved with css resets and automated testing.
    Happy to ignore IE and older safaris.

  3. Author of reply: Darek Kay Darek Kay

    @calumryan After dropping support for IE11 I rarely do any cross-browser test pro-actively. I usually develop in Chrome but use Firefox as my main browser, so that's at least a high-level check.

    At work we still have QA testers for cross-browser and cross-device checks, even though we now rarely get any issue. I do remember tackling IE11 issues 5 years ago, though. "Fun" times 😅

  4. Author of reply: Jan Boddez Jan Boddez

    Just an “amateur,” but I hardly do any cross-browser testing anymore. Not sure about ten years ago, but fifteen or more years ago? A lot. I mean, all of the IE5.5/IE6 CSS hacks! Web standards have come a long way.