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IndieWebCamp planning

With just two weeks to go until IndieWebCamp Düsseldorf I'm considering what things to work on whilst there

The regular Homebrew Website Clubs I've organised over the past year in London have helped me to become a lot more productive in IndieWeb related tech, however; the post-work two-hour meetup doesn't always allow enough time and energy to focus on major development work, inspiration and research that a 2-day IndieWebCamp provides.

This year I'm excited to be in Germany for both IndieWebCamp Düsseldorf and Nuremberg.

Some of the things that I would like to achieve at the next IndieWebCamp(s):

  • Extending functionality and documentation for the Jekyll Webmentions plugin
  • Extending and documenting further my Webmention Endpoint Discovery to pass all tests on
  • Streamlining the UI for my homepage posts stream
  • Develop my own Internet Archive plugin

Some possible topics of discussion for day one could include:

  • Making your website into a Progressive Web App - what are PWAs, benefits they can offer and how IndieWeb-related tech can integrate with them, e.g. draft posts offline. Plus what are the big silos doing with PWAs?
  • Publishing 2017 review - discussion on what we're publishing on the web and how.
  • Making an accessible and diverse IndieWeb community how do we bring in new people to the community and not scare people away?

For now these are just a few of my ideas but I'm sure they'll be a synergy of thoughts and ideas from other IndieWebCampers for discussion on the day...