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Web Accessibility Specialist - certified!

Almost a year ago I set myself a challenge to attain certification as a Web Accessibility Specialist (WAS). This is a summary of how I prepared for the exam, and hopefully some motivation for others to learn more about web accessibility.

Five years of HWC London

This month marks five years since I started organising Homebrew Website Club London. I spent some time looking back over how it all started and survives to this day, even through the challenges of a global pandemic.

My typical day

In my first ever invitation to a blogging chain I've been asked to write about some typical things in my daily life.

End of year review 2019

Approaching the end of 2019 I look back on a year filled with some happy distractions away from the unending misery in UK politics and the climate crisis.

My 2010s

A decade-end review of my life to date seems almost too much to achieve in a digestible short read but here we go!"