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Linked Data

Introductory overview of the history behind Linked Data on the web and what standards exist to represent linked data today.

My second btconf Düsseldorf

I’m just back from an extended stay being a tourist in The Netherlands following Beyond Tellerrand conference (btconf) in Düsseldorf, Germany. As with last year the conference had a great atmosphere from start to finish and I’d a great time meeting up with those I’d first met last year or even before then as well as a few new faces.

Site Deaths

Thoughts about what you can do to be prepared and mitigate the worst consequences of site deaths.

End year review 2017

A bit later than usual due to family-wide sickness over Christmas delaying the annual family get together here I am with my end of year review.

Usability Testing

Testing usability of a digital product takes on a wide variety of test types and feedback processes that I hope to elaborate on in this article. Designers, developers, product owners and anyone with a vested interested should all partake in this process, from defining the tests to measuring the success and failures of different usability testing.

Progressive Web Apps for museums

What can Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) do for museums? ..that’s what I’m intrigued to ask and discuss why they provide a great opportunity for museums to explore having to enhance the visitor experience onsite and back at home.