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Weeknote 80

Return to better health and furry friends

  • Finally, the surgery wound on my foot healed enough this past week for me to comfortably walk and cycle again. It was a massive relief and boost to my mental health to be able to get out more!
  • We're now 2-weeks in to having Bagheera the black cat in residence at my home. So far she's been remarkably happy and friendly in my small apartment despite being used to having access to a garden.
  • On Sunday I went cycling in Richmond Park with my Colombian friend Luis and his friend who's looking to buy my current road bicycle. I've not being cycling outside since December, despite that I'd still the legs to make it up some pretty steep climbs at my usual pace and capacity.
  • Over in GDS land (work) my current role there has been a little stressful over the past couple weeks getting to grips with the new project I'm working on and my new team. Using all the positive experiences I'd from my old team to help move things forward with the new team and project and to help steer the new team in a more positive mood and direction.
  • Sadly, the light pollution here in SW19 was far too obstructive to see any of the Aurora Borealis 😢.
  • My nighttime TV viewing was mostly spent catching up on Giro d'Italia highlights and YouTube channels. I decided against viewing Eurovision this year in light of Israel's inclusion.