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Refresh and preparation

The past year has as they say “flown by”: in part down to an almost non-stop schedule of time-cumbersome, challenging projects at work but also thanks to a lengthy, less than pleasant experience attempting to jump on the UK property ladder (which isn’t over yet!).

Determined not to be bogged down by the drawn-out woes of my property buying adventure; I have attempted to find distractions to protect my sanity at least.

Since the beginning of the year I’ve stepped up my level of engagement in the web industry. I’ve discovered many new conferences, meetup groups and individuals as a result which are a great help in providing inspiration and support to improving my work practises, morale and general outlook of the industry. Going forward I feel compelled to contribute back to the industry more where I can and continue to be fully engaged in the industry’s evolution.

In the past I spent a lot of personal time creating and maintaining my own WordPress website however in recent years my time and attention for this dwindled. Due to this and low visitor numbers I recently made the decision to close the site. In recent weeks I’ve refreshed my web presence with hopefully a more maintainable, light-weight and performance optimised personal website.