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Weeknote 10

Music spectacular, office return, creature comforts

Bonobo at the RAH

The past week saw me visit the Royal Albert Hall for my first time to see Bonobo (Simon Green) perform his latest album, Fragments. Everything felt so good about this performance, with the combined energy of music and lighting reverberating and illuminating the Victorian hall in ways rarely seen or experienced before.

Colourful lighting at Bonobo concert inside The Royal Albert Hall

Return to the office

Aside from a small handful of team events, I've not worked in my employer's London office ever before. Just as the pandemic and long spell of lockdowns hit in 2020 my job moved to another company, so I never really had a chance to meet anyone properly or work in an office alongside my new colleagues at dxw. It felt revitalising and very enjoyable to be back working alongside people, including the managing director, who I've hardly seen in real life beyond a video call before. I hope to do this more once I'm living in London.

Working in London also gave me an opportunity to visit one of my favourite street food markets in London for lunch at Whitecross Street. I opted for Beijummy which I've frequented many times before. Their Brazilian flatbreads are delicious, gooey fried wraps of joy! I opted for the speciality flatbread of mushroom, sautéed garlic, goat's cheese, tomato, spinach, and cheddar. By far one of the most filling of their choices!

Summer weekends

My weekend was a fairly relaxed affair, including a short cycle ride to my favourite Italian café in Kemsing for delicious pastries, followed by a visit to the BFI Southbank cinema to see The Quiet Girl. I really enjoyed this film that, despite its somewhat sad storyline, carried a certain charm about it with brilliant cinematography.

I also had the great pleasure this weekend of meeting @collettethesausage. I'm sorely tempted to have my own pet one day, when I eventually move home, but for now these brief encounters with furry friends will suffice in the comfort and affection they bring in abundance.

Daschund dog sitting on a grey sofa
Sunset over the Kent Weald
View from my lounge this weekend watching sunset over the Kent Weald