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Weeknote 17

Back in the office, heatwave and Grayson's Art Club

Back in the office

I've recently decided to try out working at my employer's co-working space in London to give me a chance to get out of the house once a week and meet in-real life with a number of my work colleagues. I feel since the lockdowns of the past two years, that much like any muscle not exercised enough, my self-confidence and social skills have slipped somewhat in this time. We're all still working remotely for most of the time in different parts of the country. Particularly for those of us living alone, no amount of virtual meetings or Zoom calls is enough to keeps these strengths and skills in top form.


I just about endured the heatwave here in Kent where temperatures peaked at almost forty degrees Celsius on Tuesday. I'd a surplus of sheet materials, from a previous DIY job, to create some makeshift window blinds and keep my flat as cool as possible for the three-day heatwave. That, plus a good quality desk fan and a ready supply of homemade deep-frozen caffè lattes kept me just about chilled enough.

Viewing and listening 🚴‍♀️

My TV viewing habits for the past three weeks took somewhat of a detour to make room for daily Tour de France highlights. Such a worthy win for the Danish rider by Jonas Vingegaard! Aside from television, I've been listening to a couple of podcasts, including Never Strays Far and started on a few older episodes of Out to Lunch with Jay Rayner.

Grayson's Art Club

Over the weekend, I joined up with my parents in Bristol to visit Grayson Perry's Art Club exhibition. We also had sometime leftover to visit Bristol's beautiful waterfront and its M Shed museum, which has a really engaging and well curated social history of the city, its numerous communities, Brunel's engineering and of course Banksy!