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Weeknote 22

Dental horrors, Foodie discoveries, Frameworks work

Dental horrors

For over a decade, I'd visited my increasingly oversubscribed NHS dentist near my family home each year, which was quite a long and expensive trek for an increasingly shorter and less than comprehensive checkup. This week, I finally took the plunge into private dentistry following the alarming discovery that my mouth had rather resembled that of a vampire each time I went to brush my teeth for the past couple of weeks. My new private dentist discovered a large cavity, which of course left me with little option but to make a relatively large hole in my finances to get it filled.

Foodie discoveries

After a day of much brushing and flossing, I'd recovered enough from the strenuous trials of dental drilling to go out and eat delicious foods again. First up was a visit to Camden for Afghan street food at Two Lads Kitchen. I'd the signature dish, an Afghan veggie wrap of smokey spinach, mashed chickpeas and a zingy secret green sauce. This was easily one of the best wraps I've eaten, step aside Tex-Mex burritos!

wrap rolled up in paper with spinach and mashed chickpeas

After that I'd still room for a fluffy mango chiffon cake at another new discovery, Kova Patisserie.

Plate of mango chiffon cake

Closer to home, on Sunday I went to try out a new vegan café in Tunbridge Wells for a brunch of paprika spiced tofu, black beans and spinach with avocado and potato rosti at The Plant Base.

Round plate of paprika spiced tofu, black beans and spinach with avocado and potato rosti

Frameworks work

The team I'm on at work has been devoting time away from client work to find a suitable frontend framework. It's hoped this will help us all as a team to make websites using a more consistent approach, besides GOV.UK's Design System. A few days of technical research sped by, and I think few of us were fully decided on which approach was the ideal solution for the array of frameworks out there.