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Weeknote 24

Home move joys and stresses

It's been quite a fortnight!

Sale and economy blues

In terms of good news, I finally found a purchaser for my flat who's a first time buyer. The bad news, I don't know yet for sure if my purchaser will secure a mortgage they can afford given rising interest rates. The chaos in the economy here in the UK, and yet another hopeless, careless government, is just the recipe I need for high anxiety and continual pessimistic thoughts.

Flat hunting

Leading on from the good news part of the previous week, I've been busy filling up my browser history with Rightmove property searches and thought about little else but the economy and property. So far I've done a handful of viewings, mainly round South West London, and made one offer that's been conditionally accepted. As ever with property selling/buying, some communications seem to take forever, things are far from certain yet, but I'm hopeful I might just have secured somewhere already.

No Netflix and chill here, but instead Moving Home with Charlie is now one of my new frequent most watched channels for insights on where the housing market is actually heading versus what many estate agents claim.


London's Film Festival returned this month. Most years I leave it too late to find anything much left really worthwhile booking, though this year I struck lucky in snatching a ticket for Lars Ostenfeld's Into The Ice. Highly recommended viewing also on BBC Four later this month! The film reveals just how little time's left, perhaps just ten years, before we face a point of no return in saving the planet from irreparable damage.