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Weeknote 27

Home news, Furniture hunting, Cozying up to TV

Property news

Hesitantly, I announce the news that I've found a new home in South West London. After three weeks of dithering and or forgetfulness from the seller, my offer was finally accepted. Three months or more, who knows, of probable house sale stress and uncertainty awaits!

Furniture shop adventures

Ahead of next year's hopeful house move, I've been touring IKEA and other furniture stores online, whilst also selling things that won't fit in my new home physically and appearance-wise.

Viewing & listening

As the nights draw in, the weather becomes more inclement, and so the inclination to go out to town lessens, I've been enjoying the latest instalment Louis Theroux on TV with his new series of celebrity interviews. On the TV culinary front I've been enjoying CNN's Stanley Tucci's Searching for Italy, currently back on iPlayer. You should have been here is my latest podcast subscription with regular contributions from globetrotters Mick Webb and Simon Calder.

Away from home I joined a friend to see The Banshees of Inisherin which brought back fond memories of visiting the West of Ireland earlier this year. It certainly goes down as one of my favourite Irish films along with 1990s classic, Into The West.

Twitter exodus

No I haven't decided to leave Twitter yet. Whilst I continue to feel enraged with Musk's actions in its takeover, I feel I've too much too loose in terms of friends and connections I've made on Twitter over the past twelve years since I joined. I'm continuing to post most of what I have to say and share there from my website. I've yet to fall in love with Mastodon, it's a hell of a complex platform to understand for many not involved in tech. I'm currently on the instance, but tempted to try another instance since it's often painfully slow to use.


What’s this?
  1. Author of reply: Ana Rodrigues Ana Rodrigues

    @calumryan I hope all goes smoothly and fingers crossed you exchange soon!

  2. Author of reply: Calum Ryan Calum Ryan

    @ohhelloana thank you! I do hope so :)