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Weeknote 29

Tonsillitis Take-Two, Survey good, Fifteen secs of fame

Tonsillitis Take-Two

The past week I've felt more unwell than in many years. Initially, I shrugged off my feverish symptoms as a just a seasonal cold or flu, having tested negative for Covid-19. A couple of days later little had improved, and I'd also developed intensely uncomfortable mouth sores, making it torture to eat and brush my teeth.

With no GP appointments available for a fortnight, I'd no option but to visit A&E. Four hours later after sitting in a grim, overcrowded waiting room, and almost fainting after a blood test, I left the hospital with a diagnosis of tonsillitis, for the second time in 2022, and thankfully a plentiful supply of penicillin doses.

Survey good

Second-time round with attempting to buy a new property, things are finally heading in the right direction with a satisfactory survey result. All that's left now is a mountain of work to be completed by my solicitor and hopefully a completion date later in the New Year.

Fifteen secs of fame

My claim to fifteen secs of fame once again entered the personal record books when I'd a brief appearance at the start of The Last Leg thanks to Mike the Cameraman. It's almost always an exciting, satisfying experience to attend a TV audience, better than watching on the TV, and I thoroughly recommend SRO audiences if you've never been and best of all, it's free!

Calum in a TV audience


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  1. Author of reply: Zinzy Waleson Geene Zinzy Waleson Geene

    @calumryan Ooph, I remember tonsillitis, that sounds like an awful week. Are you feeling better?