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Weeknote 30

Snow, Web conference reminiscing, Breakfast heaven


A long awaited white Christmas arrived a few weeks too early for the festive holidays in London and the South East over the past week. Luckily, I'd a day of annual leave booked the day after snowfall, providing the perfect opportunity to enjoy the winter wonderland of Finsbury Park and help contribute in making a snow person.

Meanwhile, on one of my most loved/hated social networks, Nextdoor, my local neighbourhood in Tonbridge was debating the all important topic of salting or gritting of paths, rather than its regular topics of hating cyclists or where's the cheapest place to fill up your fuel hungry SUV. The icy paths debate quickly turned in to a heated argument over who might be liable for injuries if some unfortunate soul falls on a less than sufficiently salted path!

Events and conferences

I was reminiscing this past week on my first attendance to a UK web conference ten years ago at Handheld 2012 in Cardiff Bay. Prior to that I'd been to the free conference, Multi-Mania in Belgium, where I first discovered such inspirational speakers as Jeremy Keith and Jan De Coster. The year ahead in 2023 I've booked for my fifth Beyond Tellerrand conference in Düsseldorf and my first UK Govcamp unconference in London.

Breakfast heaven

As I edge somewhat closer to my move to London next year 🤞🏻, I've been discovering more of its best dining options. Last week I enjoyed a spectacular and heavenly sweet serving of French Toast at one of my new regular visits, Abraço in North London.

French Toast on decorated plate and caramel sauce in a serving cup