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Weeknote 31

Christmas work wind down, Cosmetics warts and all, Listening and watching

Merry Christmas to you all friends and followers.

Christmas work wind down

Leading up to Christmas Day, work was mainly winding down, although I was one of the few on my team at work to be working the days after the national bank holiday period here in the UK. The reduced team size for the holiday period meant I was covering support, which is somewhat more unpredictable than my usual workload, with many tasks and questions beyond my skill set.

Cosmetics warts and all

These week notes are admittedly sometimes warts and all – this week literally! Since a few weeks, I'd been suffering increased discomfort from a skin growth on my back, which I've had as long as I can remember. Availability of GP appointments in my local surgery has been abysmal ever since the pandemic, with almost a month to wait to get examined. Instead, I went to a local cosmetics surgery and almost painlessly had my unwanted growth removed in minutes, albeit for a small fortune.

Listening and watching

My latest podcast recommendation is Kathy Burk's hilarious Where There's A Will, There's A Wake. On Apple TV, I've been rewatching The Long Way Up with Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman riding electric Harleys through spectacular scenery in South and Central America to Los Angeles. Keeping with the Latin America theme, I've been tantalising my taste buds with Netflix's Street Food: Latin America.


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  1. Author of reply: Tim Lloyd Tim Lloyd
    The Long Way Up is awesome. Happy New Year!