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Weeknote 34

Dental woes take-two, UKGovcamp, Empire of Light

Dental woes take-two

The new year didn't escape yet more dental woes, this week I'd yet another non-routine trip to my new London-based dentist to identify another filling required 😬. At least this dentist seems far friendlier than my last.

Working-weekend at UKGovcamp

At the weekend I attended my first UKGovcamp, which was good fun and I saw quite a few familiar faces of past, beside my colleagues at dxw. Such in-person events are relatively rare in the calendar in this post-pandemic world. Hence, they're worth making the effort and building the courage to attend, whatever your motivations to go are for, you always learn something new, and make new connections along with rekindling old connections.

It was great to see Molly Watt there leading on a session about accessibility, beyond compliance. I learnt there's more than one screen reader preinstalled on Mac.

On the matter of accessibility it's been a busy week, running a new series of accessibility workshops for dxw colleagues that received some heart-warming appreciation from the participants. I've also ended up taking the lead in organising a company-wide talk from accessibility specialist and speaker, Gareth Ford Williams for next month.

Empire of Light

At home, I've been re-watching Andrew Graham-Dixon's 2016 documentary series, Art of Scandinavia, which I thankfully kept a screen record copy of after BBC Store disappeared without any alternative to access lost purchases. In cinema land, I went to Picturehouse to see Empire of Light, which itself was set in a cinema on Margate's seafront. Maybe too early to say, but definitely my favourite film of the year so far!


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  1. Author of reply: Calum Ryan Calum Ryan
    Good to see you too. Let’s arrange to catchup properly sometime!☕️
  2. Author of reply: Steph Gray Steph Gray
    I meant to find you again and catch up properly! Was good to see you albeit briefly and glad to hear you had a good day.