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Weeknote 37

Conveyancing chaos, Goodbye Tonbridge

Conveyancing chaos

For a few weeks now, I've been enduring an almost endless back-and-forth chasing my unresponsive solicitor and pushy estate agents for both my purchase and sale. Finally, after much stress, delays and uncertainty, I exchanged contracts on Wednesday, with completion set for next Thursday.

Goodbye Tonbridge

Eight years ago, I moved by myself to the leafy commuter belt town of Tonbridge in South East England. In that time I've mostly enjoyed the quiet surroundings and space to ride my bike, go for countryside walks, plus its relatively close proximity to London: about one hour door to door for The City or West End.

Despite all this I've lived mostly a lonesome existence for much of my time in Tonbridge and at times regretted my decision to move there. London is where most of the people I know best and enjoy spending time with the most are based. I've grown tired of the expensive commute from Tonbridge, endless train strikes, and a mostly older population of loyal Conservative voters, still in support of Brexit.

All being well, next week I'll be moving to London, stay tuned for how that goes…