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Weeknote 38

Hello Wimbledon, Cat sitting

Hello Wimbledon

Almost a year since I signed up with an estate agent to sell my home, this week the move to London finally took place, and I'm happy to report it all went without a hitch. It hasn't quite sunk in that it's actually happened after all this time, expense, uncertainty, and stress. I'm back to being a Londoner!

My modern Wimbledon abode, built in 2008, is a stark contrast from the 1960s-build apartment I left behind in Tonbridge with its creaky floorboards and aged heating system. The SML removal men did a sterling job of moving everything over to London from Kent without a single breakage in less than an hour each end.

Room with wooden floor and large plant looking out to French doors

I've spent the first few days mostly unpacking and exploring the local superstores, which are so much bigger and better stocked than what I had in Tonbridge! Besides that, I made a visit to IKEA to browse new wardrobes, but nothing floated my boat, so back to looking at a few other options online suggested by my interior design guru, X.

Cat sitting

Barely 24 hours into being at my new living space, I welcomed the cat of a friend X has, Cous-Cous, to stay with me for a few weeks. I've not had my own pet for over a decade, so it's a pleasant new experience to temporarily have a four-legged friend around whilst I settle in to my new apartment and area all alone. Admittedly, I'm more a dog person, but cats will do perfectly well given the choice between a lonely few weeks without X whilst she's away in Chile.

Black and white cat sitting on a black sofa


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  1. Author of reply: Barry Frost Barry Frost

    Congratulations on the move, Calum! Enjoy exploring Wimbledon - I loved living there a while ago.