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Weeknote 40

Internet finally!, Spring outdoors, Work anniversary and more

Internet finally!

Almost two weeks without my new internet provider, Community Fibre, lifting its finger to sort out my new fibre connection, I decided to ditch them and get Hyperoptic immediately on the job without issue, thankfully!

Spring walks and cycling

With Spring arriving, albeit without the ideal weather to match, I've been making a slight return to more frequent hiking and cycling outdoors. From my new base in South West London I've been exploring more of the Surrey Hills on foot, and also closer to home a cycle ride to Bushy Royal Park.

Work anniversary and changes to come

It's been a busy few weeks at work, with changes to my role and move to another team likely to happen soon. The end of March also marked my three-year anniversary of working at dxw. The monthly Champions of Accessibility Network meetup happened online last week, and I volunteered some of my time to talk about my efforts at work to run regular accessibility workshops.

Cat sitting

My cat sitting responsibilities from home continue. Unfortunately, Couscous the cat has had some behavioural issues over the past week at the expense of my floor and necessitating a cautionary visit to the vets to check she'd no serious medical problems. Fingers crossed the calming medication prescribed and extra comfort facilities purchased will keep her from a repeat of last week.