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Weeknote 48

Palace, Work reflections, Doggy daycare

Hampton Court Palace

For my post-birthday celebrations, I invited my mum and X to join me on a visit to Hampton Court Palace. The high admission price was a little hard to stomach, so we made every effort to see as much as possible of the palace, including its extensive gardens, over the course of an afternoon. Overall, I enjoyed it and was able to absorb the vast amount of history about the palace without feeling too overwhelmed.

Work reflections

After three months of uncertainty at work about the future of my role there retaining some focus in accessibility, I finally had some clarity this past week about my future in the company. More news on that to come soon!


Over the weekend, I returned to the annual fixture linked to my university, Brunel, which I graduated from in 2011 and exhibited at, Made in Brunel. As ever, an impressive array of work on show from the graduates of 2023. I also bumped in to my old course tutor there, Steve Cockett, who's still at the university. Somehow he doesn't look any more aged than way back in 2007 when I first met him to get a signature for my Macromedia student license application ahead of starting uni.

Also design-related, I joined X to visit The Design Museum to see Ai Weiwei's Making Sense exhibition, along with a contemporary sari exhibition named The Offbeat Sari. Both extremely thought-provoking exhibitions with a great deal of work put into their curation. Still one of my favourite museums ever visited!

Doggy daycare

I'd the pleasure of looking after a neighbour's dog on Saturday. Their sweet, friendly and very energetic Dachshund, Coco, had a splendid day of attention with X and myself at home in Wimbledon, tennis ball games included. I'm all the more sure from the experience that I'd like my own canine friend one day soon.

Calum sitting on a blue sofa with Coco the dog panting, looking intently at a tennis ball