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Weeknote 49

New role, Hablo un poco de español, Cycling season

New role

Ahead of next week, I've been clearing the decks ready to begin my new role as an interaction designer at dxw. It's a significant change in my work history to date, having spent ten years working as a website developer, primarily on WordPress. Although somewhat nervous about the new challenges ahead, I'm quite excited about the new role, with design being one of the skills of mine that I've had limited opportunity to exercise in a professional context for several years.

Hablo un poco de español

I've taken the plunge and decided to commit myself to learning a small amount of Spanish language that should hopefully be enough for me to use when I eventually plan to visit Chile, likely next year. After having spent a few months on Duolingo with an almost unbroken streak, I've signed up to some 1:1 tuition with a local Argentinian tutor, doing weekly classes over Zoom. So far my progress is slow, just getting familiar with pronunciations and trying to speak in full sentences feels quite a challenge, but I'm persevering.

Cycling season

The weekend welcomed back the Tour of France cycling race on TV, one of the few sports I'm a devoted fan of. In my new Wimbledon home, I've been making the most of the long summer days for evenings out cycling in Richmond Park. It's a pleasant diversion from the busy road I'm surrounded by here, albeit not entirely free of impatient motorists sharing the main road the passes through the Royal park from Kingston to Richmond.