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Weeknote 5

Uninvited guest

We'll keep this one short for the past week, because of Omicron or B.1.1.529, as I like to refer to it, made its uninvited first-time arrival into me last week. I can't be sure, but I suspect I may have caught it at a subterranean venue I visited in London last week to see Simon Evans on his new The Work of the Devil tour. Was it worth it? Well, sadly not really: it was a somewhat bland performance in parts, and more end of the pier/cruise ship entertainment compared to the other comedy nights I've attended recently.

So far, B.1.1.529 hasn't caused me too much bother, aside from not being able to go out, travel and socialise in such beautiful weather over the Easter weekend. My two shots of Pfizer and one of Moderna last year certainly did prove their usefulness in taking the edge off any symptoms I've experienced in this my first episode of the Rona.

Til next week folks, I wish you all well and don't forget the Ronas still about and seemingly more infectious than ever!