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Weeknote 51

Travel planning, Designing and that, Cooking for friends

Travel planning

The week got off to a good start with a booking for my next trip with X later this summer to Stockholm. It'll be my first ever visit to Sweden, which I'm rather excited about!

Designing and that

Still things are relatively easy going at work having reached the end of my first two weeks in the new team. The user research side of my new role is quite enjoyable so far, and look forward to getting more experienced in that area of design work.

Cooking for friends

Now that my new home's in a more presentable state to invite guests, I've been busy planning dinner recipes for a handful of summer visits by friends. It's pretty much intended as a house-warming event, but without everyone squeezing in to my small home at once. I'm loving the open-plan kitchen I have at my new home, which makes for easier socialising whilst cooking simultaneously.

Last week's dinner party was my first try at pumpkin-based sopaipillas with a Chilean pebre topping I've mastered over a couple of past attempts. This weekend's offering was an aubergine/lentil lasagne I made, which was particularly well received by all. Next week something from SE Asia in the planning…