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Weeknote 53

Zoomed out, Dog borrowing, Naughties comedy revival

Zoomed out

I think this week hit my all-time record for the most back-to-back online meetings at work. I was by the end of the week feeling quite fatigued from the level of context switching between different meetings. Added to that, I've been pressed in to handling requests outside my team, predominantly all requiring more tasks and sharing of knowledge around accessibility.

Dog borrowing

I've recently started walking Pita the dog through a connection I made on the BorrowMyDoggy website. So far we've been a couple of walks in the local park. My quite changeable online meetings schedule that suits being in the office some days versus working from home has made it a little challenging to find a regular time to take her for a walk. I'm soon hoping to settle on an after-work routine to help wind down after many a busy day working from home.

Naughties comedy revival

Over the weekend, X and I headed to Television Studios in West London to watch The Last Leg live. We endured a long wait to get in, but overall worth it. The added bonus was seeing a childhood comedian favourite, Paul Chuckle, make a surprise appearance in-person at the end of the show.

The following day I was back in the same part of London to see the premier of Brian Butterfield's new tour. Amazingly, the short sketch out of the 2000s Peter Serafinowicz Show grew such a fond following that it was revived in to this hilarious 2-hour show. The show's format was intentionally reminiscent of a university lecture, and virtually all the audience seemed to be, like myself, a millennial.