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Weeknote 6

One week in isolation

The past week in the company of Covid wasn't anything like as awful as I'd expected. Aside from the boredom of isolation and no social contact, I didn't experience any of the typical nasty Covid symptoms many others I know had experienced like taste loss, tiredness, continuous coughing or fever. All I got was a snuffle, dry throat and enough infection for a consistently positive lateral flow tests result through all nine days and beyond. I'm now pretty much on the limit of my self-imposed, non-compulsory ten-day isolation period at home, which I've diligently followed beside once-daily walking and cycling outdoors away from other people.

At home for much of the week, I continued with my current read, Watling Street which I'm nearing the end of. It's been a long, enjoyable journey, that I've been dipping into intermittently since late January!

For my television viewing delights this week: I continued catching up with the first series of Killing Eve which I'm fairly fond of so far. For those of you with a vague interest in travel vlogs with a Scottish flavour, my streaming recommendation for this week is Steve Marsh's YouTube channel.

Work-wise, I'm busy preparing a new talk on accessibility culture for a couple of upcoming events this year I'm hoping to have accepted. It's been well over a year since I spoke at a conference virtually, and more than three since I've done anything in-person. Hopeful to make a return at some point in the not too distant future!

Until next week folks, when I should hopefully be in the clear Covid-wise and also in Düsseldorf 🇩🇪 for IndieWebCamp, Accessibility Club and Beyond Tellerrand, stay safe and free of Covid if you possibly can folks!