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Weeknote 60

Lazy days in town

The past couple of weekends have been pleasantly restful with family visiting briefly, a visit to Alfies Antique Market, and dining out in central London at Apula, Belle Epoque and Panton Yokocho.

Mum and myself also fitted in a visit to The Order of Saint John museum in Farringdon which we both enjoyed. It certainly brought back childhood memories for me of my time in the Badgers group learning first aid skills, which I joined shortly after leaving the Cub Scouts organisation – I never took to outdoor camping!

Film & TV

During the opening week of London Film Festival, X and I went to watch the London Premiere of Priscilla at the Royal Festival Hall. We both enjoyed it immensely and had the added delight of Cailee Spaeny making an appearance for a short Q&A before the film showed.

At home, I've been busy catching up with Netflix's Beckham documentary that triggered a few memories from the 90s, albeit I've little interest in football. Alex Polizzi's Brexit supporting views aside, I'm glad to see the return of Channel 5's The Hotel Inspector, which I've been keenly watching for over a decade.

Return to Nuremberg

Later in the week I'm attending Border:None conference in the beautiful city of Nuremberg, Germany. It's five years since I last visited so will be curious to see which of my favourite places to eat have survived the pandemic, and whether cash is still the only accepted payment method in this corner of Germany.

Regrettably, I'm taking the least environmentally friendly route there, by plane from London, mostly due to the cost, but also Eurostar's abysmal queuing time at St Pancras that deters me departing from there if at all possible. I will however be returning home by train.