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Weeknote 63

Rid of Covid, Hearing difficulties, Out and about

Rid of Covid

After five days of self-isolating due to Covid, it was a relief to finally have a negative test result and be able to head outside for a stroll in the autumn sunshine. I remain of the opinion strongly that anyone who tests positive for Covid should follow the NHS guidelines and self-isolate for as long they remain symptomatic and testing positive.

Hearing difficulties

No sooner had I recovered from Covid, I realised I'd a blocked ear which no amount of Otex ear drops was managing to clear. After a week of feeling half deaf, I was feeling quite frustrated, in need of something better to help clear my ear. Hesitantly, I ordered a cheap specialised camera online for helping to clear my ear. I felt quite tense and nervous during the probing of my ear canal, but with some help from Ximena and the newly acquired camera, we managed to remove the significant blockage in a matter of minutes. All of a sudden, my hearing felt so much better, even more so than I'd experienced in months, if not years!

Out and about

The past week has been rather filled with enjoyable dinners with friends and making the most of short sunny winter days, squeezing in some exercise outdoors between lengthy spells of rain.

I met up with a couple of old uni friends, one of whom recently moved back from a decade of working in New York, where he also met his now wife.

Over the weekend, Ximena and I were invited to a delicious dinner by a friend and nearby neighbour, including a rare opportunity to meet one of my favourite dog friends, Coco the Dachshund. The following day we'd a very pleasant walk in Richmond Park before a relaxed lunch at Bridge & Hill Cafe in Richmond town centre.

During the week, I dropped in at the warm-up event for TechShare Pro accessibility conference being hosted on the 42nd floor of HSBC's headquarters in Canary Wharf. It brought back pleasant memories of pre-pandemic times when there were monthly London Accessibility meetups at the nearby and much shorter skyscraper of Barclays Bank. Sadly, my work schedule was too full to attend the conference in-person, but I did manage to catch-up with some live-streamed content.

people standing in front of presentation screen with the text, TechShare Pro 2023, on a purple background