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February 18th, 2021

So many websites use JavaScript Jump Menus as navigation, yet most aren't implemented correctly. This creates a barrier for keyboard accessibility. Build well or use a list of links instead. #a11y


What’s this?
  1. Author of reply: Barry Pollard Barry Pollard
    Fair point. For desktop I don’t recommend them (in part for the reasons you suggest), but for mobile I find they work well as select UI for a long list is often better.
  2. Author of reply: Calum Ryan - Calum Ryan -
    For most modern browsers it's not. The greater difficulty some users have in testing is with the appropriate choice of an element which represents navigation. A select element doesn't expose itself as clearly to screen readers to inform what links exist on the page.
  3. Author of reply: Barry Pollard Barry Pollard
    "When navigating with a keyboard, merely browsing the options with the arrow keys can trigger the change." Is this still true? From my testing it appears not to be the case.