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  1. 30 October 2023 05:10 GMT

    Final leg of the journey Brussels to London. The usual experience of everyone queueing at once to board, so waited in the lounge until last few minutes to departure. #TrainsNotPlanes

    platform view of Eurostar in the evening at Brussels South chicken roulade dish, white wine, bread, water bottle and tart on a blue tray
  2. 2022 In Review

    Looking back over year filled with self-improvement, somewhat of a post-pandemic travel-binge, and big changes ahead.

  3. End of year review 2019

    Approaching the end of 2019 I look back on a year filled with some happy distractions away from the unending misery in UK politics and the climate crisis.

  4. Multi-Mania 2012

    This was my first year at Multi-Mania and what a hugely popular and fantastic event it was: featuring all kinds of multimedia talks and workshops over two days with a broad range of top speakers from the creative industries and tech world.