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  1. 12 February 2020 11:02 GMT

    Reasons I use Firefox as my primary browser: a quick glance at a website's source code in Firefox highlights red any broken markup, often the cause of many simple website layout bugs but often overlooked

  2. End of year review 2019

    Approaching the end of 2019 I look back on a year filled with some happy distractions away from the unending misery in UK politics and the climate crisis.

  3. My 2010s

    A decade-end review of my life to date seems almost too much to achieve in a digestible short read but here we go!"

  4. Removing posts

    I've made some changes to the way I remove a post to preserve the permalink and give a more meaningful, user-friendly response.

  5. DIBI 2016

    A rich, diverse range of talks and people meeting together to talk designing great UI and UX for the web.