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Last day in the office

March 10th 2020 was when I last:

  • commuted from home to work on a train
  • worked and socialised inside an office with other people
  • set foot on the streets in the City of London
  • looked round a new home to move to
  • stood or sat less than 2 metres from a friend
  • felt with confidence that an in-person IndieWebCamp London would go ahead thanks to the help of Ana and Cheuk
  • felt Brexit would be the most significant cause for life feeling different in 2021

One year on much of my life feels in a state of suspension. At the end of 2020 I felt little motivation or mental energy to write a year in review. Things good and bad happened for me on a personal level in 2020, not all turned out in the way I hoped for. I've recovered from difficult times in life before, but the pandemic has made that process much slower, drawn-out and painful.

In the UK alone nearly 125,000 people have so far died from coronavirus. That's a horrific number of lives lost! For every victim of coronavirus, including friends and relatives left behind, there are only lost opportunities, with little or no resumption of "normality" to return to.

For me opportunities to meet other people in-person and see the rest of the world are all on hold, but hopefully not cancelled indefinitely. We can but hope the year ahead will see fewer deaths, fewer lost opportunities and a safer, although different, situation for us all to once again live life in a fulfilling, enjoyable way.