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  1. 27 February 2021 01:02 GMT

    Just what the doctor ordered (or maybe not in the current circumstances?) cycling beyond the local area to unexplored corners of West Sussex - the Ashdown Forest, sunshine, rolling countryside and daffodil-lined hedgerows

    3-photo collage of Calum in cycle helmet and red sunglasses on a country in West Sussex, a pheasant and gated bridleway
  2. 01 February 2021 08:02 GMT

    Struggling on clinging to hope in these short, bleak, damp winter days, making the most of our few freedoms to briefly sample the nearby countryside once a day. Things may never be the same as before but better times will come

    Calum standing in muddy field near Tonbridge
  3. 10 September 2020 10:09 BST

    Dearly miss meetups like @LondonCSS and seeing everyone irl ..but all credit to everyone keeping them going in some form online through this very tough and challenging period in all our lives

  4. 16 July 2020 09:07 BST

    Ah the fresh plentiful smell of carbon monoxide in the morning. Pre-covid levels of traffic on Tonbridge High Street this morning. Double troubles with A21 incident closure and roadworks

    Heavy traffic on Tonbridge High Street.
  5. 04 July 2020 02:07 BST

    Much needed first trim and shave since Feb. No PPE being worn at the barbers, some not even wearing masks and every seat filled beyond their own limit of four customers at a time