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February 1st, 2021

Struggling on clinging to hope in these short, bleak, damp winter days, making the most of our few freedoms to briefly sample the nearby countryside once a day. Things may never be the same as before but better times will come

Calum standing in muddy field near Tonbridge


What’s this?
  1. Author of reply: Calum Ryan - Calum Ryan -
    🌟 Thank you and definitely look forward to that :)
  2. Author of reply: Kate Rawlins Kate Rawlins
    Hope you’re doing okay Calum! Hopefully we can all get together for a drink to celebrate the new beginnings later in the year :)
  3. Author of reply: Steph Gray Steph Gray
    Nice on Calum. I did a big loop through some local woods to kick off my grey Monday today!