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  1. Weeknote 47

    A bumper weeknote this week, with the past week spent exploring Scottish cities and castles.

  2. 2022 In Review

    Looking back over year filled with self-improvement, somewhat of a post-pandemic travel-binge, and big changes ahead.

  3. 17 March 2022 11:03 GMT

    It's St. Patrick’s Day and since I haven't made it to the Emerald Isle for more than a couple of years, here's a slightly younger me at the Lecale Peninsular from 28 years ago ☘️

    Calum beside the Lecale Peninsular with half a rainbow in the backdrop
  4. 06 October 2019 01:10 BST

    Finally after five years I made it to the London Film Festival this weekend. I went to see the London première for Rialto (trailer which is set in and around Dublin Port. Feeding into my Irish heritage, I'm inclined to watch pretty much anything filmed on location in Ireland. The director, Peter Mackie Burns, came along too for a Q&A afterward which made from some interesting insights into how the characters were cast and a strong focus on cinematography.

  5. 03 June 2019 07:06 BST

    My first arrival in the Republic of Ireland from the UK by air, not land, and somewhat surprised I had to show my passport. Missed seeing @BorderIrish, is this your technological solution?

    photo of an e-Gate at Dublin airport
  6. End year review 2017

    A bit later than usual due to family-wide sickness over Christmas delaying the annual family get together here I am with my end of year review.