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  1. My 2010s

    A decade-end review of my life to date seems almost too much to achieve in a digestible short read but here we go!"

  2. 24 May 2019 08:05 BST

    Piecing together meta details for eight years worth of meetups and conferences attended, lost to Lanyrd's shutdown but thankfully backed up to the Internet Archive

  3. IndieWebCamp Berlin 2019

    IndieWebCamp was back in Berlin again this month for a weekend of talks, discussion and making, along with a meeting for IndieWeb organisers the day before.

  4. IndieWebCamp Berlin 2018

    Last weekend I was at IndieWebCamp Berlin not long after attending IndieWebCamp Nuremberg. Each event, whilst similar in format, takes on a slightly different dynamic, in my opinion, through the people that attend, the location and the topics discussed.

  5. Linked Data

    Introductory overview of the history behind Linked Data on the web and what standards exist to represent linked data today.

  6. Site Deaths

    Thoughts about what you can do to be prepared and mitigate the worst consequences of site deaths.