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  1. 13 December 2019 12:12 GMT

    Any belief that attitudes have changed for the better about fairness, equality and diversity in the majority of our electorate are sadly unfounded based on tonight's election results. Deeply ashamed of the country I live in.

  2. 28 August 2019 10:08 BST

    Brace yourselves UK, we're just sealing up the emergency exits before we propel ourselves rapidly and aimlessly off this cliff edge in a few weeks time

    Cliff edge on the south coast of England
  3. 03 June 2019 07:06 BST

    My first arrival in the Republic of Ireland from the UK by air, not land, and somewhat surprised I had to show my passport. Missed seeing @BorderIrish, is this your technological solution?

    photo of an e-Gate at Dublin airport