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  1. 23 December 2020 05:12 GMT

    This afternoon's Covid-19 Christmas holiday activities included reinstating the display of current weather conditions where I am on short-form posts

  2. 10 January 2020 05:01 GMT

    The joys of living with a wild climate in 2020 using 1940s heating tech: night storage heaters! Remembering to check the weather forecast every single night and adjusting accordingly. Get it wrong and home's either a sauna or freezer for next 15hrs

  3. 13 June 2019 09:06 BST

    Thanks to @LisowskaAn @barryf and @loopdouble for braving the weather conditions last night for @HWCLondon's third anniversary 🎉 #indieweb

    Ania Lisowska, Barry Frost, Calum Ryan and Neil Mather inside at ProvenDough cafe, London Covent Garden