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  1. Weeknote 47

    A bumper weeknote this week, with the past week spent exploring Scottish cities and castles.

  2. My typical day

    In my first ever invitation to a blogging chain I've been asked to write about some typical things in my daily life.

  3. 23 December 2020 05:12 GMT

    This afternoon's Covid-19 Christmas holiday activities included reinstating the display of current weather conditions where I am on short-form posts

  4. End of year review 2019

    Approaching the end of 2019 I look back on a year filled with some happy distractions away from the unending misery in UK politics and the climate crisis.

  5. Three years in learning about IndieWeb

    A little over three years since I first learnt about the IndieWeb movement I’ve grown to understand and participate further in its purpose: to bring people together in developing their own websites and control the content they author.