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  1. 25 October 2023 06:10 BST

    Exploring UNESCO World Heritage Site, Bamberg, one of the few German cities spared aerial bombardment and total destruction in WW2

    River view with bridge, clock tower and painted building beside Bright coloured orthodox-style church with tower in foreground and trees beside Market square view with statue in the centre and red flowers in foreground Panoramic view over orange tiled roofs in Bamberg
  2. 2022 In Review

    Looking back over year filled with self-improvement, somewhat of a post-pandemic travel-binge, and big changes ahead.

  3. My 2010s

    A decade-end review of my life to date seems almost too much to achieve in a digestible short read but here we go!"

  4. End year review 2017

    A bit later than usual due to family-wide sickness over Christmas delaying the annual family get together here I am with my end of year review.